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RF Generator
The new line of agilo digitally controlled Automatic Matching Networks is designed to match the 50 Ohm impedance of the RF Power Supply to the complex load impedance of a Plasma Load. The smart digital tuning algorithm together with 1st class RF components in every agilo Matching performs with the lowest possible reflected RF power. This ensures a maximum power transfer into the plasma load with the lowest possible losses.

All agilo Automatchings offer full RF pulse capability, so agilo Automatic Matching Networks are able to operate with cito RF power generators in pulse mode. The agilo Automatch tracks the optimum matching setting pulse for pulse - and this at pulse repetition frequencies up to 10 kHz. This as a standard feature of all agilo models and in combination with a cito RF power supply ! On Plasma loads the Matching Networks have to handle very high amounts of reactive power which results in remarkable, unwanted losses. Therefore the design and the components of the match are extremely important and the goal is to minimize the losses and by that avoiding thermal, voltage or current stress. Therefore our engineering team again payed great attention to detail, choosed highest quality components and they exclusively equipped our line of agilo Automatchings with variable Comet vacuum capacitors and not with variable air gap capacitors.

The agilo line of Automatchings combines the best of two worlds :
- the RF power match section is based on one of our "design successes" which features with
  very high ruggedness and lowest downtimes. ( never change a winning... )
- a new digital controller system replacing the analog one, adding full RF pulse capability,
  now with stepper motors offering an extremely high resolution of 3200 steps per 360° turn,

Two agilo product lines are available
The 1500W & 2500W product line
all are exclusively air cooled and are equipped with variable vacuum capacitors of Comet. agilo xx15 and agilo xx25 offer full RF pulse capability with a wide pulse repetition frequency range from CW up to 10kHz - when operating in conjunction with a cito RF generator. A newly designed extremely fast sample & hold circuit ensures the same perfect automatch quality in pulse mode - pulse by pulse - as well as in continious wave mode. To allow setting the agilo to that plasma load impedance area as required by the load, the internal power inductor is variable. Taps allow to set the inductor to 2 turns for low impedances up to 7 turns for higher impedances. The design of the flat power inductor with its taps is unique and performs with 22% less RF power losses thanks to the far better conductivity. To understand the very wide range of tunable load impedances please see the two Smith Chart plots below or click here
the 5kW+ product line
which comes a bit larger product line ranging to 5kW, some models exceeding 5kW. Also here 1st class components are the choice : high power Comet variable vacuum capacitors which stand for the . The vacuum capacitors as well the power inductor are water cooled. The internal power inductor is fixed and can not be tapped at such power levels as we offer with the 1500/2500W model line. To match for the optimum power inductor we offer a variety of models from 1 turn to 8 turns. To set the Matching to a different plasma load impedance area, the power inductor can be exchanged any time later. agilo xx50 Autotuners are fully RF pulse capable even in automatic mode. The smart digital tuning algorithm ensures the Matching to track with the load impedance pulse by pulse - even at pulse repetition frequencies up to 10 kHz.
Digital and Analog Matching Interfaces
All agilo Automatches are designed for stand alone operation and are able to operate without any additional controller and with any kind of RF power generator. To communicate or read out operating/process values every agilo model offers two standard User Ports :
- Digital Interface to connect the agilo match with a cito RF Generators
- Analog Interface to allow connecting it with a different RF Generator or with an individual analog controller or PLC
Matchings for VHF frequencies up to 81.36MHz
For customers in the field of ultra thin film deposition of solar cells and RIE we also offer VHF Matching Networks operating at VHF frequencies ranging from 60 to 81.36 MHz. agilo VHF Matchings are based on the standard agilo Match, but at such high frequencies the RF section requires a customization. We are flexible and experienced when it comes to matching VHF power. Please contact us for further informations and assistance.
Customized agilo Matchings
We also offer customer tailored modifications of customer Matching Networks to other load impedances, specifications, RF frequencies or to upgrade them. This business of customized products has a long tradition within our RF design team. This helped to build an extensive experience with matching "challenges" from 2MHz up to 250MHz. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.
Technical data of cito RF power generators
agilo 1315a 13.56 MHz 1500W
agilo 1325a 13.56 MHz 2500W
agilo 1350w 13.56 MHz 50000W
agilo 2715a 27.12 MHz 1500W
agilo 2725a 27.12 MHz 2500W
agilo 4015a 40.68 MHz 1500W
agilo 4025a 40.68 MHz 2500W
agilo 6020a 60.00 MHz 2000W
agilo 8020a 80 to 81.5 MHz 2000W
views to agilo 1325a 2.5kW Match
View into the agilo 1325a RF matching section
views to agilo 1350 5kW Match
Load Impedance range of agilo 1315 & 1325
These Impedance plots in the Smith Chart Diagram show the total impedance range which is offered by both agilo models agilo 1315 and 1325. You´ll see a pretty wide range of possible Load impedances making the agilo line of Automatchings so flexible and versatile - thanks to a main inductor with various taps to adjust for the optimum impedance range.

On the left side you´ll see the possible Load Impedances of the standard agilo match 1315 and 1325 - with the standard shunt inductor.

On the right side the Smith Chart indicates the ability to match for even lower Load impedances - which is achieved by using a medium size shunt inductor.
For users who not only want to know RF data, but also want to know more about Plasma process data : agilo Automatchings can be remarkably upgraded in their value to all users and applications by adding this OCTIV VI-Probe to the output of the Matching Network. After a detailed market survey we decided for the OCTIV VI-Probe, made by Impedans Ltd. which we believe offers the most extraordinary and useful data. Attached to the output and in line with the RF feeder towards the Plasma chamber, the OCTIV VI-Probe measures the true RF parameters such as Voltage, Current, Phase, Impedance (!!), Harmonics, Real Power, Forward Power and Reflected Power to a plasma chamber by the RF source.

The latest version of the OCTIV even comes with data like eV-energy and flux rates.
An outstanding tool and benefit to every user taking away a bit the "black magic" from the RF-Plasma-setpup. See the image beside to allow an impression how we attach the OCTIV to the output of the agilo Matching. The line section of the OCTIV we apply is modified by us for large RF current handlings and a careful and intense connection for lowest RF losses.
For more detailed informations on the OCTIV VI-Probe see the Impedans website :


The Octiv Single Frequency VI Probe measures the Voltage, Current, Phase, Impedance, Harmonics, Real Power, Forward Power and Reflected Power delivered to a plasma chamber by an RF source.

Octiv is a single frequency, inline RF VI Probe. The probe contains an RF VI sensor and high speed data acquisition system, utilising an ultra high-speed digital Fourier Transform for high accuracy measurement of fundamental RF voltage, current and phase.

The Octiv probe is housed in a single, compact enclosure, and is easily installed on all high power RF equipment encountered in the laboratory or industrial environment. A USB connection provides power and data access to the sensor. An adaptor kit can be supplied with the probe to enable connection with standard RF equipment.

  • Voltage, Current, Phase
  • Real, Forward, Reflected Power
  • Impedance
  • Harmonic Components

  • Parameters in Meter View
  • Smith Chart
  • Harmonic Chart
  • Time Trend data

The Octiv Software application provides and easy to use interface for controlling the sensor and displaying data. A comprehensive Application Programmers Interface (API) is provided with the sensor to facilitate integration with customer applications and automated environments.

Octiv Sensor installation
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