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RF Generator
VHF Power Generators - our main competence
With the new line of "cito .... D" VHF power supplies we are proud to be the first offering a VHF power architecture which employs the latest and most rugged LDMOS-FET available. This gives all our VHF power generators an unbeaten ruggedness and excellent reflected power capability. The new LDMOS transistor is nearly "undestructable" and can handle 93% of reflected power ! We never could experience such a device handling such a lot of reflected power - an overwhelming new experience in ruggedness which we bring to you already today and not some time in the future.
Click for this demo on a rugged LDMOS - amazing, isn´t it ?!
Even the LDMOS would allow to extend the reflected power margin to significantly higher than 20% we still keep the reflected power limit at 20%, which is a proven industry standard - for even more ruggedness. As the reflected power level, also the RF power margin of cito is 20%.

The LDMOS Class D Technology performs with an efficiency of typ. 85% ! This results in less operating temperatures, lowest downtimes and reduced costs of ownership due to a mimimum AC power consumption.

cito VHF Power Supplies are designed to drive ultra thin film solar cell deposition, etch processes, but also are ideal for driving CO2 waveguide lasers. Other operating frequencies higher than 100MHz can be offered on request - our company designs and manufactures RF power amplifiers up to 500MHz.

RF power ranging from 600 to 1000W with air cooling and water cooled models delivering 2 to 6kW.

The new line of cito VHF power supplies comes with remarkable new features making them leading in versatility and reflecting even high level process demands operators with complex plasma processes may have. If you decide for a cito, the following operating features are coming as a standard ( only FSM is an option ) :

Phase Shifter :  0/ 180 degrees ( inverted/non inverted ) is a standard. -180 to +180 degrees in 0.1 degree increments optionally.
Real time Sync Bus : allows to synchronize a multiple RF generators to communicate on important functions in microseconds ( standard without and option with ArcHandling )
FSM (option ) : Frequency supported matching feature option is an agile frequency technology which helps to reduce the matching speed by decades in time. ( At the beginning of the Matching procedure the operating frequency will vary a bit to the "best frequency for the lowest reflected power" in milliseconds before the slower Automatch will perfectly tune in sub/seconds
Matching Bus : communicates with our agilo Matching Networks in order to control or read out values. ( standard )
Analog Interface : one Interface comes as a standard. Can be exchanged later to a different standard optionally
Digital Interface : RS232 and Ethernet both are the standard Other Fieldbuses may be equipped later optionally ( Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, CANopen, RS485 )
Available models - Power/Frequency matrix
Technical data of cito VHF power generators
cito 10030 100 MHz 3000W
cito 4010 D 40.68 MHz 1000W
cito 4020 D 40.68 MHz 2000W
cito 4040 D 40.68 MHz 4000W
cito 406 D 40.68 MHz 600W
cito 4060 D 40.68 MHz 6000W
cito 6010 D 60.00 MHz 1000W
cito 6020 D 60.00 MHz 2000W
cito 6040 D 60.00 MHz 4000W
cito 606 D 60.00 MHz 600W
cito 6060 D 27.120 MHz 6000W
cito 8110 D 81.36 MHz 1000W
cito 8120 D 81.36 MHz 2000W
cito 8140 D 81.36 MHz 4000W
cito 816 D 81.36 MHz 600W
cito 8160 D 81.36 MHz 6000W
Details of 2U air cooled citos
RF Generator
RF Generator
Details of 3U water cooled citos
RF Generator
RF Generator
Distributed VHF power concept for ultra-thin-film manufacturing
Do you plan to run your plasma chamber on higher frequencies instead of traditional 13.56 MHz ?

As an alternative concept for the VHF excitation of plasma chambers for Ultra-thin-film deposition, we offer an innovative concept we call

Distributed VHF Power Delivery System

Beside our traditional line of VHF cito generators, this approach is a solution for good uniformity even at higher process frequencies between 50 to 81 MHz. Not one major RF supply, but a number of small and compact RF modules, that may be the solution and a breakthrough for you when "going higher frequency"

To learn more about Distributed Power delivery, please click here

VHF power

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